Patient Comments

Our primary goal is to improve your quality of life.  At the end of the program we ask patients to fill out a survey/questionnaire.  That feedback allows us to get a feel for what we are doing correctly and also helps us determine what areas need improvement.


On December 18, 2013, we had our first group of graduates to complete our comprehensive pulmonary program.  Mary Ann W. sent the following:

My many thanks and appreciation to Kris, and the staff at Complete Pulmonary Rehab for the help they have provided in both respiratory and physical therapy.  Not only have my lung functions improved significantly, but my cardiologist informed me that my heart muscles are much stronger.

I now have much more energy and feel good!!!

Mary Ann W.

We would like to thank Mary Ann for her dedication, determination and positive attitude throughout her time with us.  She later told us that for the first time in many years, she was able to complete her church’s 5K marathon fundraiser.

One of my personal goals was to play golf again.  I was unable to play at all prior to starting the program at Complete Pulmonary Rehab.  Midway through my rehabilitation, I am able to play 9 holes, twice a week.

Mr. B.

Mr. B is committed to the program, benefiting from his hard work and reaching, if not exceeding, one of the goals he set for himself.

When I started at CPR, my heart rate would be 135 to 140 with the least activity.  Victoria strongly encouraged me to see a cardiologist which I did.  He diagnosed…and prescribed a beta blocker.  I am so thankful Victoria took such an interest in my health.
Lea Anna is so knowledgeable with the respiratory treatments and explains everything thoroughly.
I am so encouraged that I don’t have a debilitating disease but one that I can manage with exercise.

Carol A.

At Complete Pulmonary Rehab, we have a fully trained and licensed staff ready to assist you with meeting your health and fitness goals.

Here are some additional comments/suggestions:

I wish to thank all of you for helping me to get so much better and encouraging me along the way.

Staff was professional and friendly.  I always felt better when I left than when I came.

I feel like I am leaving my new best friends.  I hope to continue with the maintenance program.

For a small monthly fee, we offer former patients the opportunity to continue their rehabilitation via our maintenance program.  This includes the use of equipment, oxygen and help of our staff during normal business hours.

A larger facility will be a definite plus.

We moved to 190 Aviation Plaza which roughly doubled our floor space.

I think this program is second to none.  I don’t want to stop.  Every one of the staff members are great teachers and really know their stuff.

Jane W.


The staff at Complete Pulmonary Rehab would like to thank all of our current and former patients for all of their hard work.  It is that hard work that enables each individual to improve their quality of life and achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

Thank you!